SPEAKER: Brian Sullivan, Director, Design Strategy at Sabre Corporation Author of The Design Studio Method, Founder of the Big Design Conference, and Creator of the UX Certification program at SMU. Making the Unnatural Natural: Getting Design Into the Corporate DNA Design can seem unnatural to many companies and corporate leaders.
SPEAKER: Bill Rattner, VP of User Experience at RealPage, Inc. A well-executed business strategy can mean the difference between an organization's life or death in the marketplace, but what best informs that strategy? In this "Using Customer Insights to Drive Strategy" presentation, we will explore why and how businesses will want to leverage experience-design work in new ways.
With experience becoming ever more important to businesses, we're taking XD's first meeting of 2018 to reflect on 2017, and look into 2018 and beyond. Our panel of leaders will discuss topics around improving your CX, integrating customer learning into the Agile process, prioritizing your efforts to deliver the best possible experiences, and more.
Healthcare is notorious for bad experiences - from boring open enrollment meetings, to finding doctors who listen and communicate clearly, to figuring out why the bills are so darn expensive - the healthcare journey for most people is a revolving door of frustration. Compass sees these realities in healthcare as an opportunity to disrupt an industry.
"Design Thinking and a Culture of Co-creation at BBVA" by Don Relyea, CXO of the BBVA Dallas Creation Center & Global Head of IP BBVA is making Design Thinking the key component to their digital transformation. Don Relyea, CXO of the BBVA Dallas Creation Center and Global Head of IP, discusses his experiences sharing design thinking techniques with BBVA Compass.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Ray Ann Cacheria, CIO of Ryan TOPIC: Positioning Your Team to be Experience-Driven So how do you grow the mindset of an existing team to be more Experience-Driven? In this talk, Ray Ann Cacheria, CIO of Ryan, will share how she has been shaping her team's culture and positioning the IT Department to deliver a great customer experience.
"Designing the Talent: A Look at Producing Next-Generation Talent for Your Team" by by Cassini Nazir, UT Dallas' ArtSci Director of Research and Design Learn how UT Dallas is teaching the next generation of designers, explore trends that companies hiring designers need to look for, and introduce ways that industry and community members can collaborate with the University.

What does an XD Event look like?

Ever wonder what it's like inside an XD Leadership Alliance meeting? Here's a short walk-through before our November meeting, which featured guest speaker and RealPage VP of UX Bill Rattner.