To grow Experience-Driven organizations,
the XD Leadership Alliance has devised these strategic principles.



Drive Strategy with Deep Customer Insights

Defining customer insights must be seen as a core competency in your organization, and one that shapes everything, including your strategy and products.  

Insights help you best determine what you should sell and where innovation dollars should go.

Customer insights focus your teams to move in the right direction: the direction of your customers.

Make All Customer
Touchpoints Matter

One optimized channel is no longer enough; all your channels must work seamlessly across a user’s journey.

Often, even small pain points in one channel can hurt your overall brand experience.

These include key interactions across your business, such as call centers, kiosks, in-person, mobile apps, supply chain, back-end systems, and chat bots.

Learn Fast and
Experiment Often

Focus your teams on outcomes. Anyone can complete tasks, but only an Experience-Driven team can work toward a business metric that also achieves a user’s goal.

Think of everything as an experiment and get adept at running them. Devise fast ways to take insights and launch tests, then iterate on those tests and make improvements.

Prototype out ideas before spinning up large, expensive teams. How fast you can learn will put you ahead of your competition.

Include Experience in
Your Company’s DNA

Focus on the value of allowing teams to break tradition and support cross-functional collaboration.

Ensure teams have training and change management skills to recognize that experience is more than a department or a mindset; it’s at the heart of product and service creation.

All practice areas – whether product, finance, technology or others – benefit from modern experience-thinking.