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The XD Leadership Alliance is on a mission to connect cross-functional leaders globally that are driving revenue for their organization through experience-driven enhancements. We’re connecting leaders who are working on many of the same challenges you’re facing. We’re all passionate about shaping the experience-driven mindset.

We’re here to be your professional connection touchpoint for top-level thought leaders like yourself. The meetings are free, but they are limited to peers and leaders in marketing, product, user experience, and technology.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get you a link to meeting — looking forward to seeing you there!

Qualifications to join The XD Leadership Alliance

XD Leadership Alliance (XD) events are by invitation only. This is to ensure relevant discussions and professionalism of the group. Approval and admission to XD events are at the sole discretion of XD and its board.

Our functions are exclusive events intentionally focused on serving the needs of experience-driven thought leaders.  Attendance is closely reviewed and only qualified Management Professionals in the fields of Design, Tech, Research, Product and Marketing are accepted to attend.  In an effort to maintain a collaborative focus as opposed to a sales focus, Management Professionals are not permitted if they are currently working at a Service or Solution Provider.