Bill Rattner - RealPage, Inc.

VP, User Experience - RealPage, Inc.

Having lead multiple international UX teams for many years, I am currently building out an Enterprise UX Team at RealPage in Dallas, TX. 

RealPage is the leading provider of property management software solutions for the multifamily, commercial, single-family and vacation rental housing industries. 

Our UX group has gone from designing feature requests to leading major product initiatives based on research, testing, and data and is well respected and greatly in demand across the enterprise. Currently at 20 people and growing fast, the team has been built by focusing on the core disciplines that comprise User Experience.

While many believe UX to be simply Visual Design, our Enterprise UX team is actually built from seven core UX disciples; User Research, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Usability, Prototyping, Content Strategy, and of course, Visual Design. By starting with Visual Designers that also knew Interaction Design, we were able to deliver value quickly and build trust and respect across the organization. Gradually we brought in people with deep and wide experience in the other five disciplines and we continue to do so. All of our team members are skilled practitioners in two or more disciplines and we foster a culture of collaboration and learning so all team members are exposed to all seven UX disciplines every week. By focusing on diversifying the team and encouraging knowledge sharing, we have seen improved efficiency in both the time to deliver and the quality of delivery.

Building and operating an Enterprise UX Team across a 3,000+ person enterprise is exactly the type of challenge that energizes me. Building a team of natural collaborators who know when to take a step back and allow their teammate’s to shine and to continue to be life-long learners is what has brought us this amazing level of success and what will continue to allow us to deliver User Experience capabilities at scale across the entire enterprise.