Launching Customer Experiences to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet



Moderator, Jeremy Johnson, VP of Customer Experience, projekt202
Daniel Hall - Chief UX Designer, Toyota
Greg Colandrea - Chief Information Officer, YPO
James Helms - Design Leader, Intuit Proconnect
Margot Daniel - Director of Digital Customer Experiences, ADT
Rachel Meyer - Director of Integrated Customer Experiences, Pizza Hut
Ray Ann Cacheria - Chief Information Officer, Ryan, LLC

Launching Customer Experiences to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

With experience becoming ever more important to businesses, XD's first meeting of 2018 was an opportunity to reflect on 2017, and look into 2018 and beyond. Our panel of experience leaders discussed topics around improving CX, integrating customer learning into the agile process, prioritizing efforts to deliver the best possible experiences, and more. This Q&A format gave XD members a chance to pick panelists' minds and tap into the power of Dallas' experience-driven leaders.

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Following are a few highlights from the XD panel discussion:

James: Everybody's going to learn how to do what we call customer-driven innovation. Everybody is going to meet customers face-to-face and use that to define a problem, define an ideal state, and work their way through, basically, innovating with customer input.

Ray Ann: You have to evolve and change as you focus more on the total experience ... It's not only about software or UX or UIs. It's that entire experience within your organization.

Greg: The game is still changing, clearly, there's a lot farther to go, but just engaging that customer there and doing panels and bringing an equivalent of a focus group together, there's no substitute for it and I'm really glad to have introduced that in my first couple of years.

Daniel: What we've started doing is sending out targeted surveys to customers in specific regions and asking specific questions about ideas that we're considering for our next generation vehicles ... getting that kind of input early on is something we've seen people respond to very well ... there's really valuable insights that you can get, whatever the size that your company may be.

Rachel: We have a host of ways that we capture, comb, and glean insights from data. There are a couple of tools that I sort of gravitate to. One is what I think is very often overlooked but extraordinarily powerful and that is just having post-mortems after projects end and looking back and really determining what are the actionable insights we can use as we plan the next project based on what we thought was going to happen on this one.

Margot: What I express to my team all the time is I would prefer that everybody owns customer experience. I would prefer that everybody feels empowered to argue for the customer and for the experience ... we want to be the UX practitioners. We want to be the ones who say, but it's a two-way street. We've found that we get better results if everybody is somewhat empowered ... I'm just a huge proponent that everybody owns it.

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