Making the Unnatural Natural: Getting Design Into Corporate DNA



Brian Sullivan, Director of Design Strategy at Sabre Corporation, author of The Design Studio Method, founder of the Big Design Conference, and creator of the UX Certification program at SMU


Making the Unnatural Natural: Getting Design Into the Corporate DNA

Design can seem unnatural to many companies and corporate leaders. They know it is important, but design is just not in their DNA. Their daily activities are filled with other tasks. It is someone else's job to think about design. How do you make the unnatural feel more natural?

In this presentation, Brian explores ways to make design part of the corporate DNA and looks at mundane to strategic activities throughout the enterprise. He reviews ways to insert design into people's daily routines so that, with a little time, it becomes second-nature and ingrained into the corporate DNA.

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The wonderful thing about strategy is you are forced to work with the other parts of the business. You absolutely have to. Alignment, that’s all strategy is, it’s about alignment. If you can get that tight crisp alignment with a business, you can work magic.
— Brian Sullivan

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