How Design & Technology are Driving the Future of Aviation

Jordan Hefferan, Director of Digital Services - Americas, GE Aviation Digital


The aviation industry is one of the world’s most complex network experiences. The coordination of assets and people -- combined with a variety of external factors -- can make it a unique challenge. The industry also puts you on a chair in the sky and delivers you home safely. Jordan Hefferan is the Director of Digital Services at GE Aviation, accelerating change and digital transformation throughout the ecosystem. His XD talk focuses on the transformation of the industry, the future technology landscape, and the connected aircraft.


Following are a few highlights from Jordan's XD talk:

Design and technology is what we are all about.

Think data rich and insights poor. Design and technology are here to help, not overrun.

… For some aircraft we have 20 years worth of data from the sensors coming off of it, initially, all just used for the purposes of safety, and safety in the airspace, and safety for the passengers. So, there's lots of data about how much data and how much sensors' data is actually coming off of these aircraft. In a single jet aircraft, there are 10,000 sensors. You can multiply that by potentially four engines that are on your aircraft plus sensors that are on every flap and every switch. You can, literally, recreate a flight from the data that comes off of an aircraft.

… I think the challenges on all of us is, Can we be those truth tellers and wing men to each other, to push the boundaries into something that's new, to demand more from each other to get there, because we can get there? Certain industries are doing it. Aviation can do it too and we're all here to help, and be a part of that journey.

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