Insights & Info: The Financial Benefits of Being Experience-Driven

Experience-driven (XD) organizations are consistently winning the battle for market share. The benefits of being experience-driven extend to cost savings, customer loyalty and increased sales, all of which lead to greater revenue and improved ROI.

At a recent meeting of the XD Leadership Alliance in Dallas, the following results and survey information were shared with members. Click each graphic to read the corresponding article and data.

As outlined in the Harvard Business Review article "Design Can Drive Exceptional Returns for Shareholders," research found that experience-driven companies yield greater returns over their competitors.

By making experience enhancements to its customer platform, online ticket exchange StubHub saw an additional $18 million in revenue. 

Similarly, experience enhancements for large call-center operations can save millions in reduced costs.

Transforming government’s approach to digital and technology led to savings that quickly added into the billions -- that's right, billions with a B.

In the above article, UX visionary Jared Spool noted that changing a button on a website increased annual revenues by $300 million.

These and other in-depth insights are shared monthly at the XD Leadership Alliance meetings.

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