Using User Experience to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry: Cliff Sentell with Compass PHS

An XD Leadership Alliance Presentation by Compass PHS Founder and CTO Cliff Sentell

From finding doctors who actively listen and communicate clearly to figuring out why medical bills are so expensive and difficult to comprehend, the healthcare journey for many people can seem like one bad experience after another.


However, it doesn't have to be this way, and Compass PHS sees these realities in healthcare as an opportunity to disrupt an industry. By using experience-driven (XD) principles across all areas of the organization, Compass is changing the way people view their health benefits and interact with the healthcare system.

In a recent presentation to the XD Leadership Alliance in Dallas, Compass PHS Founder and Chief Technology Officer Cliff Sentell shared techniques that Compass uses to study, modify and measure user experience (UX). He also detailed the impact that this innovative approach has on healthcare decision-making.

“User experience is what we do as design leaders every day, but cultural experience is, how do we take the great things that we’re doing and elevate those within the organization?”
— Compass PHS Founder & CTO Cliff Sentell

Among Cliff's insights:

  • It's not just that you're solving one problem. There's a series of interactions that you have with your users or with your buyers, where you have to make sure you focus on every single one of them, and in each of those situations, the solution needs to be compelling.
  • When we looked at the user experience, we thought about all aspects of it, then we made sure that in each of these situations that we were able to provide a compelling experience, one that turned what would normally be a bad experience into something good.
Compass PHS' Cliff Sentell and XD Leadership Alliance Board Member Toby Hughes

Compass PHS' Cliff Sentell and XD Leadership Alliance Board Member Toby Hughes

  • It's not enough to have a great experience with people when you introduce a new channel and a new way to interact ... we need to make sure that we solved the experience problem in our technology as well as with our people. That was a strong focus for us.
  • As you think about your own businesses, what are the different touchpoints and how are the different touchpoints operating?
  • It's not intuitive to everyone that experience is a value. I found that the higher you go up within an organization, the harder it is to orient people's focus toward experience being a value.
  • A vision is not just a product thing; a vision is how a company operates. To the extent you can tie experience into how your company operates, that's a great way to embed the value of experience across the organization.

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